Submission Guidelines

250000 is a human-edited website directory. Its aim is to provide a high-quality and reliable directory of premium websites.

In order to achieve this aim, and to maintain the quality of the directory, the following types of sites will not be accepted:

Unacceptable Sites

  • Sites that are still under construction and/or that have insufficient content.
  • Sites with broken links/graphics.
  • Sites that redirect to other URLs or otherwise disguise their true location.
  • Mirror sites that merely copy content from other sites.
  • Sites with excessive amounts of affiliate links or ads, including popups and popunders.
  • Adult sites of any nature.
  • Sites that include any type of illicit content or practice.
  • Sites that are already listed in the directory under another category. If you wish a site to be moved to a different category please contact us using the contact form.

Submission Guidelines

  • The title you specify when submitting a site should be the official title of the site. Do not keyword stuff it.
  • The site description should be concise and grammatically correct. Again, do not stuff it with keywords. Avoid the use of hyperbole and excessive promotion such as “The greatest site for …”. We reserve the right to amend the submitted description of any site we add to the directory. Don’t include any information that is subject to change such as pricing and/or telephone numbers.
  • Do not include any URLs in the site description.
  • Do not enter your site title or description using all capital letters.
  • The title of your site should not be repeated in your site description.
  • The listing and placing of your site is solely at our discretion. We reserve the right to reject any site submission and to place any site in the location we feel most suitable, regardless of the category it is submitted to. We reserve the right to change any site title or description at any time and to move any site to a different category at any time. We reserve the right to remove any listing that is subsequently found to break our rules.