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As the old saying reminds us, “Laughter is the best medicine”, so these examples of the best humor and jokes websites full of funny jokes, quotes, cartoons and other humor are guaranteed to raise your spirits.

Of course, they may cause the old groan too! But that’s all part of the fun as bad jokes are often so awful you just have to laugh!

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LaffGaff Funny Jokes

Collection of short clean funny jokes and puns, arranged by category. Includes one liners, stupid jokes, wordplay jokes, funny pick up lines and more. Plus lots of trivia questions and riddles.

One Liner Jokes   Chat Up Lines   Dad Jokes

Easy Riddles For Kids    Tricky Riddles   Bar Trivia Questions

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Jokes For Kids And Adults

Collection of funny, clean and dirty jokes, including knock knock jokes, racist jokes, yo mama jokes and blonde jokes.

Short People Jokes   Dirty Knock Knock Jokes   Funny Ginger Jokes